S Unsolicited Mail

While many people enjoy the tactile feel of a well‐designed and informative flyer or brochure, not everyone welcomes one! 

In 2006, the NZ Marketing Association developed a “National Code of Practice for the Distribution of Unaddressed Mail” which is supported by two major distributors – Reachmedia and PMP Distribution – who are committed to making the Code work.

This code states that “A sign requesting non‐delivery is defined as any sign displayed on a letterbox requesting that unaddressed mail not be delivered to  that letterbox.  The wording of such signs can vary, e.g. “No Unaddressed Mail,” “Addressed Mail Only,” “No Junk Mail,” “No Circulars,” “Addressed Mail and Newspapers Only.”  All such wording conveys the same meaning and must be honoured.  This includes advertising material such as circulars, leaflets, brochures, magazines or flyers.  Also, unaddressed mail must not be delivered to letterboxes that are full or unsuitable for receiving or holding such material.

The full Code can be found on The Marketing Association’s website at www.marketing.org.nz.

Click here to view Mailbox Helpline page or Phone - 0800 111 081

The Marketing Association runs a Mailbox Helpline for people to register complaints if their letterbox sign is being ignored.   When calling the Mailbox Helpline, it is important that details of exactly what has been delivered are provided.  This helps the major distributors to identify who is responsible and take the necessary action to remind their delivery staff of the importance of respecting the mailbox signs.  The dumping of bundles of material can also be reported here.